Y U H8n?

so much of this blog is reposts of stuff from slashdot.org

neway, so this cracks me up. the implications are all nice and serious but i just want to laugh. because of the “y u h8n?” i think. i think that’s what makes me laugh the most.


5 Responses to Y U H8n?

  1. if i ever get a car… or even if i don’t. i’ll need this license plate. yes.

  2. orkinson says:

    yes. that and a whatcha doin poopin t shirt.
    ew i sneezed onto my hair and now its wet. grooooooosssss whyyyyy did that happen to meeee

  3. orkinson says:

    im glad you find my pain so hilarious

  4. […] oh and duh, yodelmeter. duh. that’s only awesome guys. y u h8n. […]

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