someone read this and discuss it with me?

PETA: a corporate tangle of contradictions

PETA’s Self-Contradictory Philosophy of Animal Ethics

PETA is notorious for calling the utilitarian philosopher Peter Singer “the father of the animal rights movement” as well as calling Singer’s book, Animal Liberation, the “bible of animal rights”. Ironically, however, Singer is an act-utilitarian who explicitly rejects rights for anyone, human or nonhuman. In contradiction to PETA’s motto, Singer believes that animals are ours to eat, wear, and experiment on. According to Singer, as long as we raise and kill them “humanely”, or as painlessly as reasonably possible, there is nothing wrong with using animals for our purposes. In other words, for Singer, following the 18th century utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham who founded the animal welfare movement 200 years ago, the issue is treatment, not use.


One Response to someone read this and discuss it with me?

  1. bejai says:

    I read it!!

    We can discuss it in depth later if you want!
    preliminarily, I will say that while I disagree with some of the things PETA does, and I have no problem with criticizing them for those things, I think that the status quo is soooo horrible, and most of the planet is perpetrating such a huge crime, that Animal Rightists and Animal Welfarists had better work together! To attack PETA because they’re sexist or ineffective, is perhaps right, but because their underlying philosophy of animal rights vs. animal welfare has become distorted by the actual attempt to make change happen, is not fair?

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