the torrents have ceased. today was like a swimming pool. then i napped for less than an hour only to awake to an almost-dry earth. what?!

northampton is quite the windy city…my umbrella is now broken. worry not my minions, it is the pink one, not glorious yellow.

in other news, i am quite the social butterfly these days…but the heart is not throbbing with quite the same extensity. (i know right, i cant believe its a word either. its meaning happens to involve a word that would be actually accurate to use in this situation–“energy”)

my stomach, on the other hand, is becoming quite practiced at throbbing. it throbs all night long. then in the day, it throbs too. the food i put inside of it is not enough. is it the running (i.e. embarrassingly slow jogging) that i have been sporadically and lamely conducting? the lunches that i have been missing because of being asleep or being in the windy city? the…what. what is responsible for this stomach throbbing.

it is probably a toll announcing doom for myself, my life, and the earth’s climate. the clouds, they are a-scampering moodily in a baroque coloration all across the sky, to and fro and to and fro and to and fro. (that is like “to an afro” almost). said clouds urinated all over my person and life today. though i think that my libroz are safely undamp.

speaking of libroz, i will be inaugurating my acquaintance with a mammoth book that was delivered from all the way in…erm. one of the other colleges. it is giant. it is not prettiful. it is heavy. heavy like rocks…

and below, an image that came up during google image search of “flirtatious man”

and this adorable bird


2 Responses to behold!

  1. is that man flirtatious? i still don’t really know what flirting is.

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