ping the ponging heeblie jeeblies rice and sauce soy soy sauce

write the writing do the dancing dance baby dance baby dance dance dance

people do the sleeping and i do the staring sometimes their eyelashes are noteworthy. there was one boy whose eyes were blonde! he was actually a man. what is with blonde men and their weird eyelashes? what is with them…

kaushik, my boro bondhu, the f word means something exhilarating and spectacular to me! it means something stunning and extraordinary. it is altogether quite different from how others use it. allow me its usage, i beg of you! it is not mean to offend. it is meant to transcend.


good morning america. this weekend is for the partying. to forget my philadelphia troubles, and oh dear, there are so very many, so very many philadelphia troubles…


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  1. My cute chotto bondhu, we, who live in third world and see Hollywood movies most of the time for time pass and also entertain ourselves,at first the f word means bad to us, because America makes us to think like this. This is not our fault.
    I can understand what you trying to say anyway.
    God Bless you always…….Take care of yourself.

    • orkinson says:

      bondhu! i do not blame you at all. hollywood is terrible horrible. hollywood rarely offers nuanced visions of…anything! you are not someone i could blame for anything like this! all i seek to do is clarify that i recognize your feelings. and to share that i see it differently. so that we can view the same vision some day.

  2. Don’t misunderstand me anyway…

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