this morning i dreamt of putting together thin flat index card puzzles with espow. it was like a LITS project. it was weird bc this obviously did not work. we did not have a picture for reference.

are you free this weekend?

ummmmm i can do saturday i think but ima be tired.


aaaanddd i hate to do this. fuck. i hate to do this but if it’s gonna be late, can i like. crash on your couch or something?

why cant you sleep in your bed?

you see, i would. but one of my lovers is having a threesome with two of his lovers in my bed on saturday night.

haha, why dont you join them?

oh no i would, the bed is too small.

ahaha that one was a great imaginary conversation to have during hump day. not to be confused with wednesday. even though thats what i meant…


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