APRIL FOOL’S is the best day ever. APRIL FOOL’S!!!!!

March 31, 2010

(did you ever see that movie? its called like bang, or crash, or snap? BLOWOUT!!!)

i need to go back. i need a drink of water.

awwww but we’re having fun! april fool’s, no we’re not!

i feel like that was mean.

april fool’s! it was fun!

she was doing double april fool’s!



March 31, 2010

moby why do you rock so hard

KT: The Center For Consumer Freedom, an agribiz-funded astroturf operation, recently published an op-ed stating that “It’s easy for celebrities to passionately condemn farming by large agricultural firms. They don’t have to worry about a grocery bill.” Your reaction?

M: It’s almost comical, actually, as factory farming and meat production are so heavily subsidized. If you removed all subsidies from animal production the cost of a pound of beef would be around $25. A vegan diet is inherently less expensive than a diet based on animal protein. Let’s remove the subsidies that go to factory farms and big agribusiness and let their products be sold at true market cost. How many people would be rushing to McDonald’s if a hamburger cost $18? And that’s roughly what a McDonald’s hamburger would cost if all federal and state subsidies were removed from animal production.


March 31, 2010


March 30, 2010

holy mole vole

March 30, 2010

i had forgotten how good just how great is tanimura midnight. oh holy fucking shit. why. this is too good. this is mmmm baby. this is ooh and um ah baby.


March 30, 2010

so great. the following is by daniil kharms who must be the love of my life. fo realz tho, jean paul sartre is probably the love of my life.

Anton Antonovich Shaved Off His Beard

Anton Antonovich shaved off his beard and none of his acquaintances could recognize him any longer. “How is that possible,” Anton Antonovich exclaimed. “It’s me, Anton Antonovich. It’s just that I shaved off my beard.”

“Yeah, right!” the acquaintances replied. “Anton Antonovich had a beard, and you don’t.”

“I am telling you, I too had a beard but I shaved it off!” Anton Antonovich insisted.

“All sorts of people had beards!” replied the acquaintances.

“What the hell is this, really,” Anton Antonovich would say, losing his temper. “Who am I supposed to be then, according to you?”

“That we don’t know,” the acquaintances replied. “But you are not Anton Antonovich.”

Stumped, Anton Antonovich could not decide what to do. He went to visit the Naskakovs, but they met him with expressions of astonishment, asking: “Who are you looking for?”

“I am looking for you, Marusia!” said Anton Antonovich. “Don’t you know who I am?”

“No,” said Marusia Naskakov. Her curiosity was piqued. “Wait…Maybe I saw you at Valentina Petrovna’s?”

“What do you mean, Marusia?” said Anton Antonovich. “Look at me carefully. Do you recognize me?”

“Wait, wait…No, I can’t recall who you are,” said Marusia.

“I am Anton Antonovich, obviously!” said Anton Antonovich. “Do you recognize me now?”

“No,” said Marusia. “You are joking.”

1934-37 Translation by Eugene Ostashevsky


March 29, 2010

1.5 months till graduation means hurtle hurtling. though what im doing in the stead is sweet and slow. nothing is sweet though. (not even this lukewarm coffee)

i have looked for sweetness and i am having difficulty scaling this particular cliff. sheer hanging. there is suspense. i dont know if i have the strapjacks or whatever the fuck it is that is supposed to hold me up on this thing. i have friends but this is not enough. there is too much communication from dad. it makes the spirit buzz. talking to dad is like death on a stick. he is perfectly civil but he is strong-arming me without even trying because his arms and strong and he was a champion diver in his day.

i want to be a fucking champion diver.

i am, however, doing nothing right. not a thing. classes? nope. friends? no. mohopedia? ha. school? graduation plans? novel? love? (HA) boys? fixing the computer?!?!?!?!?!

there is no exhilarate. none of that kerosene shit. but i need the kerosene for the burnnnn ooh baby. where will i go now? wandering bare foot desperate. PLUS IT IS RAINING. orpheus wants to go to a place where it rains. i agreed but fuck that shit. orpheus is “seeing someone”. BAH. humbug.

lacking of the groibly…