we are all feeling a little gringly eep today.

last night the novel, she stopped. she ran with a whoosh and kind of disappeared. where the hell are you. are you punishing me for loving caffeine? caffeine is not the lover only thrust. why are you punishing meeee. come back novel. come back.

minimalist thinks i should name you “that’s what she said.” i very well may. is this why you forsake? hmm? HMMMM?

in truth i think you are upset because you are orphaned because you don’t want to grow up in a foster computer. you want tobias. you miss the parents. you miss the home grown. this is why. novel come back to me. ineedyousobaaaad! i am working on resuscitating your parentsss i am!

but in the meantime, though it makes sense to sulk, please dont run away because home computer will return (youknowit) but by then you might be too far gone to ever come back…


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