that was tasty. that was mmm and ah and ooh um baby. that was ghost baby blarking. that was room breathing, air compressing. vibrating in 4 dimensions i think. i never knew. i had never seen. the eyes know no color. the blanket swarming with squiggles. the ants everywhere. JAK is leering. two aliens visit. “hello”.

hello aliens hello

that was tasty in tasting. heavy wet blanket pain abdomen. perhaps a bit too much but wonderful wonderfully. that was starlit. that was minimalist sitting, minimalist glistening. the skull of minimalist is visual. the skull of hydra seething. throbbing, like breathing. blooming like gloaming. trails trails trai-trai-trai-trail-traill-trailll-trailll-traillll-trailllllll-trailllllll swooshily bzzing bzzly something txting phone is ringing liv is loving lift perkempt unhair deloused.

how is it vibrating

how can it do that

not eroded but subsumed

somethingsomething comma period. comma implies explain but there is none so period. end of dot, end of sentence. end of story. somethingsomething comma period. blurging. having of so much groibly. pintuck’d.


in other news, no i have not written my paper.


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