true story, wise words

three cannibals is an angel.

You know of free software.  Do you know why it really exists?  The reason is that even this infinitesimally  tiny fraction of magnificence is enough to make us mortals tremble.  Those who seek it out, like your friend, may find the traces of greater and greater pieces of its splendour.

The machine is fallible, for it is a human artifact.  But it is far closer to truth than the befuddled human  mind can ever go. The more you look inside it and the deeper you go, the more of its truth unfolds before  you. That puritan software on all these iThings won’t let you see anything, so I cannot take it seriously. Because sometimes, when you touch the machine in the right places, it touches you, too, and then the  mathematics becomes part of yourself, and you and the machine become one.  Only for a brief time,  usually, for the human mind can barely handle this, but it is a sensation not to be forgotten for a lifetime;  they call it the `Deep Hack Mode’ and it gives birth to the most beautiful of programs; to the Linux and the EMACS and the Nethack, the LISP and the quicksort and the Datalog.  (But beware: once written, you have  to support them for a life-time.)


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