i hate her


10 Responses to i hate her

  1. tell me about this. thanks.

    • orkinson says:

      this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. she took my hoodie. she said it was hers. it was my lifeguard hoodie. i found it in the lost and found. she saw me today and it has become my epidermal protection. but she said she wants it back and so instead of running away like i should have i just took it off and gave it to her. and i hate her. i hate her. i hate her.

      in my life:
      1) ive been sexually abused
      2) my dad beat the shit out of me
      3) we nearly died in the earthquake
      4) boyfriend cheated on me
      5) no one loves me like i want them to
      6) my cousin of childhood best friendship killed himself
      7) my soul mate tried to kill himself
      8) my mom tried to kill herself when i was a child and i came home and i was like mom mom and she wouldnt move but she lived but still


      thats not even all of it

      that’s nothing.

      that is nothing compared to losing this hoodie. fuck. i will never stop crying. i hate her so much. why did she take it away. why.

  2. what an awful person. is this the orange life guard hoodie? was it orange?

    • orkinson says:

      red. i hate her. she was polite. she didnt want it right then and there. i could have run. i could have lied. i took it off. i gave it to her. it is my fault. i hate her.

  3. who is this? maybe we can reason with her. you’ve had it for so long how can she be sure its hers anyway.

    • orkinson says:

      i dont know her name i forgot what she looked like i was too stunned for rational reason i was too stunned i was too stunned i dont know anything about her i will never find her.

  4. you tell me what the back looks like. i fix it. don’t worry.

    • orkinson says:

      it looks like the hoodie im wearing in my profile pic, also the pics in the itookawalkandthisiswhatisaw photo album of me. i tried to design a new hoodie online but i dont want a fucking new one i want that one. it is my skin and i want it back and i hate this monster who took it away. however will you fix it? you would be a god.

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