bj sez and sings:

“wait, there’s a computer?! i thought it was just a flaming toilet! maybe that’s the open source version of firefox—fire toilet.”


“they call me mister bluebirds buttercups and daisies. what do they call me? i just told you. they call me raindrops gummy bears and doodoo, that’s what they doooooo because im sweet like a gummy bear, soft like a morning dew, and poopy like a doodoo. doo doo doo doo do-doooo-doooooooo. they call me a dragon, cuz i like to, eat lots of, cake. they also call me mister…ele-fate. rompompom bompompompom bompompompom-pom-pom-pom-pompompo-pompom. they call meeeee mister bluebird when i sing my song, im like a songbird in the morningggggg, they call me mister cardinal when i wear my red coat because im like a bird that’s red HOHOHOHO like santa claus, doodooo-do-doooooo-do-dooooooooooo-do do do do doooo dooooooooooooo do-do-that’s what they call me! *scratches marker on the paper* how many roads….*chuckles* im done with my drawing, look.”


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