oh my goddd

what the hell. why is life so burbly filled? there is SO MUCH TO DO.

the following is my ONLY PROGRESS on what is supposed to be 40,000 words.

what does open source have to do with copyright? Find out. Then connect the mark helprin stuff. How he was upset. What was his argument? What was Lawrence lessig’s argument?

Then talk about how lessig wants copyright to be less rigid.

Lessig wants other things to be less rigid too. Free software foundation! WHAT IS THE RELATIONSHIP between copyright and free software?!?!?!?! The idea that copyright inhibits transmission of ideas, and ideas building upon ideas? Why should software even be free?

oh my god. ohhhh fuck. eggly egghead this is the worst. this makes so much gringly eep it’s not even funny. but the pic below is. funny. it is funny.


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