it is nice, almost really very grand, to come in and out of mute on a machine. i am on a machine right now it is a library dell moveable. dell moveable is decent but for lack of plug-ins, lack of adobe. what is this silliness?!?! even moveable of favorite, #19 (don’t go stalking and destroying this one pleeeease) (that was a really obnoxious accusation) (wow, and real arrogant too!) is not having of plug-ins needed. such lack…small absences. at least they do not echo large absences, or stand as analogies for them!

this is not to say that there are not large absences. OH there is one deep big gloaming hole in chest every.single.night when darkness comes. how come?!??!! is not night time of home? we begin to suspect it is not…we begin to suspect that we should bed ourselves like normal (never gonna happen) and awake with sun (right…) (no…)

GOOD GOODNESS?!?!? 19-YR OLD JUST EMAILED ME?!??!! WHAT? he says he did not know that he did not write back to email. wowwwwwwwwwwww. hydra gives dodecahedrontillion words to all and supposedly this drowns the humans who receive (i.e. inundation) so they are not wanting to give back words in kind. or maybe they cannot? DEFICIENT HUMANS!

ah whatevs. “if i am so great then how come no one loves me” is the stupidest question we have ever heard from ourselves! do not ask this. it is all wrongtangled. bramble branch’d. we are awesome. you are losing! come get usssss before we are gone so soon! we do not run as much as we say we run but we still run way more than we thought we did.


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