this is getting to be insane but new friend says awsum things that give hope so i must continue INSANELY BLOGGING while depriving self of dinner bc we made a promise to ourselves that we will not eat dinner until 57K barrier is broken and we are only at 56,627 which is really close and i would finish in like 2 mins if i just stopped blogging but this is worth posting!

not that any of them are not worth posting! godddd who do you think that i am?!?!? i erase, cut out things not worth posting. brain is doing jumping. brain is saying “YOU SUCK YOU ARE SMALL, WORTHLESS, NOBODY LOVES YOU ESPECIALLY NOT NEW ONE WHO IS LIRAIAN” but like brain chill out man. do ur work man. we have 2 books to write in 3 weeks so just power down and hunker, ok??? power down to where u can do this shit. yea.

and now for the purpose of this unavoidable hankerin in first place:

People in the west give much more words. New England is the only place I’ve been like this. It’s the only place where people have aversions to strangers so strong, weird desire to never talk on phone. I’ve met many people who talk as much as me or more. My mum makes it so I can barely get a word in edgewise. I never run out of things to talk about. I frequently talk to people for hours on the phone. 10 hour phone call a few days ago.


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