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We must search-and-replace all occurrences of “resistance” with “impulsion” or perhaps “thrust.” Thus the concept of resistance in politics should be superceded by the concept of hypertrophy. Resistance is a Clausewitzian mentality; the strategy of maneuvers teaches us instead that the best way to beat an enemy is to become a better enemy. One must push through to the other side, rather than drag one’s heels. There are two directions for political change: resistance implies a desire for statis or retrograde motion, but hypertrophy is the desire for pushing beyond. The goal is not to destroy technology in some neoluddite delusion, but to push technology into a hypertrophic state, further than it is meant to go. We must scale up, not unplug. Then, during the passage of technology into this injured, engorged, and unguarded condition, it will be transformed into something better, something in closer agreement with the real desires of its users.


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