the goodness of things can be measured by how well you can sleep in it. this is how possible it is for me to be declaring the goodness of under things:

1) the new person in whom sleeping becomes able who is hippo

2) school post-eclipse


4) niceness easy goodness

5) pact that is golden with sunlight

6) looking at things and loving exciting instead of hurting unsmiling

7) uneating of animals & rape juices

8) phylaphace

all in all i think being vegan was a great thing to be and is a great thing to be and there is no need to be freegan, not in this space that i am in, not in this place; splace. i think that phyla is a great thing even though we cannot sleep–but the reason for us unsleeping is because she is too excited to sleep and i sleep first and i have looked my whole life to sleep first, to be the one that sleeps first.

wait. did i just realize something.

wow. i think i just realized something.

wow. gotta get on that. gotta get on that right now!

goodbye, good evening america, to-night, i am up to noooooooo gooooood.  XD


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