you do not get to do this. if you can write 1000 words of something useless in 15 minutes then you can write 5000 words of something useful in 24 hours. what, you think that just because your deadlines have passed and you handed in 55-something pages means you are exempt? are you serious. wow. we expect more than this from you. how can you be doing this right now? how are you doing this right now? there is so much left and it is all so important and you do not have time. to be doing what you’re doing. you think that you can shirk just because you are miserably sad? there is so much more than this. we expect galaxies from you. you are not putting yourself in a black hole like this. no. listen–there are some people who are meant for greatness and you are such a one and so get over yourself and do this thing because it must be done.


4 Responses to no

  1. munzi says:

    no sadness! <3 <3 <3

  2. bejai says:


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