i watched them take him pale

June 30, 2010


zzzzzzzzzzrippp zip

June 28, 2010


June 27, 2010

15 reasons why franzia is awesome

“are you “formatting” in excel? you know i’m like an excel god, right? dude we can have an excel party i’ll rock your world.”

June 26, 2010

hott pickup line.

“I’m from LA and am just in town on business for a couple days. I’m obviously not looking for anything terribly serious, maybe just a little fun, respectful and mutually beneficial adult romp?”

June 25, 2010

who the hell are theze fools…

how does a person actually think to say such a thing and then actually say it? and why do they all say it to me????

“You don’t look like either and you are extremely gorgeous and very arousing to my eyes.”

June 20, 2010



June 19, 2010