my place

my house is empty. i am alone. my house is clean.

i am in my clean house.


2 Responses to my place

  1. I need to start recirculating exposure for my blog. Wanna contribute? I don’t have a hit counter so i have no way of telling how many people are actually viewing it. I want people to link it from their blogs, and see if i can generate readership and make a few more friends to collaborate on other media projects with. My friend sam is starting an online magazine and wants me to write a column about contemporary attitudes towards work and labor. I wanna get my internet shit up and running and through the tubes of as many fools as possible. Help me.

    • orkinson says:

      tomas!! i wanna, its not a matter of not wanting to, its a matter of time time time time time. i dont got enough time! how can i contribute though? tell me, in what way can i make it happen? i will try. i wanna try!

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