baby lovely bloodflow

February 25, 2011

bilious milky billowing mushroom things they are shapes. these are in all the freshery of green. clicking peculiar lacquerish rustling white chalky covered cover foot. bandaged hands and head with tall horns. creeping towards the samurai who dies is dying but they bandage him so his bilious milky mushroom cloud life stops to pour out. they are saving him! they save him these creatures horned goat mask people folk!

but wait, who is this? is it her, his lover? she creeps closer then jerkily clo-clos-close-closer.

then they be under water. she is holding his head in her hands. they are floating airily.

then she unties him so his mushroom milky life floats upwards oozing gentle unfurl. she sucks it in through her white lips. they were saving him till she could eat his life furling out. he dies.



June 19, 2010

im likin the feel in my eyes of the concept and burble of water theze days

May 31, 2010


April 26, 2010

info for similar-minded nerdz

ima hustler baby–simian

April 21, 2010



April 20, 2010

this sleepless ongoes

despair was coming but soup was had then human appeas’d

now there is library w. omelet upstairs sumwhere noveling or not; w. coca cola standard fare now

OPUS no.1

if someone has thought on where to find good documentation about encroachment of mass media and stifle stifle, it would be of help! thank you advancedly. below click for big.

our fave dome

April 19, 2010