April 4, 2010



chocolate? nocolate…

March 26, 2010

oh shit. shitshitshit. fuck.

children in _________ production is such bad news!!!!!

fuck fucking consumption consumerism bad bad bad ohhhhhhhh goddddddd………..

the great pacific garbage patch

March 22, 2010

holy shit.

The Great_Pacific_Garbage_Patch, to those of you who are unaware, is a heap of plastic garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean that is roughly the size of Texas. If you had any idealistic visions of our garbage disposal system, I would say now is the time to start poking some holes. This is a result of our relentless production and consumption of plastic things that we throw away every day without a thought. This fucking scared me. I mean, learning about global warming a few years ago was terrifying. I started doing things everyday that I thought helped reduce my contribution to it. But this garbage heap struck me hard.

but hangovers are part and parcel of drunken gloryyy

March 2, 2010

debaucherous scientists discover booze of magic mystery bubbles.

The drinks with the added oxygen content sobered people up 20-30 minutes faster, under the influence of the rather potent alcohol they used for the trials. 20% alcohol is around the strength of fortified wine, soju, or a very strong mixed drink, so while shaving a half hour off your drunken tomfoolery might not seem a great deal, when you’re trying to fall asleep at night and combating the spins, you’ll appreciate it.

The researchers also asked what would change if someone were to drink multiple oxygen-enriched drinks over the course of the night. Would there be a cumulative effect? Again, the answer was yes: People who drank oxygenated booze had less severe and fewer hangovers than people who drank the non-fizzy stuff.

but i like this pain that comes from booze. i like the falling and the tumbling and the headaches. they are reminders of “oh it was that night when i nearly amputated my arm”. etc. less severe ofc. but i like hangovers. i havent had one in a long time which does not attest good things about the smooth endoplasmic reticulum of mine. though having lots of smooth ER might be good lacking the debauchery for which it compensates? who knows. i aint no MD.

oh glory

February 23, 2010

iced chai you sink into me like hooks like warm gentle hooks
what is this cream? it cannot be–
i am the vegan so this is not

this is soy milk
what did they put in this
ode to this magnificence
you lift the heavy load

iced chai your bones are flesh
your fleshy bones are scraping my bones
ew thats kind of gross

iced chai you ruin me
the flood it floods inside of me
swelling in my veins!

caffeine fiend
ive been caffein’d
like ashton kutcher punk’d
like cafFiend feind
fiended in my head

oh glory.

christmas eve

December 25, 2009

i cant say im a fan of this holiday. what i can say is that i hate this holiday!

home is better than it has been in the past. im going to do much more consumption this year because R2 told me that R1 is sad because R1 never gets any christmas presents but his friends all do and they ask him what he got and he says “nothing” and its sad. whatever R1. you shouldnt care so much about other people wasting the earth’s resources. but he does. and i know that i did too, at his age. and so i got him this book. which i secretly want to keep for myself but i will be generous and give it to him! i got D this book which me and bejai both love. and so does jim hartley, incidentally…and R2 a very expensive tuner, and M some sweet jewelry & music, and B this book which was for one of my classes last spring.

this presents thing is fun. materialistic, horrible for the earth, but fun fun fun. all the wrapping and hopefully some smiles tomorrow. (bejai, i have SO MANY PRESENTS for u!!! i hope u r cited :)) i havent seen friends or luvr yet…which is weird. school let out laaaate this year. thank jebus! i havent talked to princessgreensocks or kaushik in a few days…and that feels weird and unnatural.

on another note, i googled “christmas sucks” and found this gem. very depressing, but #268 is funny. yes.

this was a long post. cramming a lot in. we will see how things proceed. there has already been one yelling. i hope there wont be many more…

veganism vs. consumption

December 12, 2009

EDIT Dec 12 10:03pm EST: this post on vegansofcolor expresses what is one of my concerns in the following post.

so i am eating turtle mountain’s purely decadent coconut milk ice cream in the flavor of mint chip.

and it is delicious, in addition to being torture-free.

but the problem with delicious torture-free coconut milk ice cream is that delicious torture-free coconut milk ice cream is not really torture-free. the container comes from somewhere and will go somewhere that is certainly not going to help any environment anywhere, except for maybe a really horrible crappy littered environment of landfills. i have no idea what coconut-harvesting procedures are like. i don’t know how industrial is the process of extracting coconut milk. i don’t know who is being employed in what kind of production structure, and googling “coconut cultivation practices” gives me next to nothing in the way of a critical review of actual coconut cultivation practices.

for all i know, thousands of ecosystems are being compromised, thousands of species endangered, and thousands of people hurt, by an alternative-food industry that im all too happy to support by consuming its products.

veganism is extremely important to me. vegans have 1/7th the carbon footprint of omnivores. but i wonder if i can do more, or rather, i know that i can do more, by forsaking all this frills and thrills altogether. beans and rice and vegetables and fruits, period. can i do that? of course i can.

it’s not the american way…and everyone will think i am crazy, and not respect my veganism. so i will have to do this bare-bones (bad bad bad place to put bones) thing in secret so that i blend in with everyone else who is consuming what they don’t need to consume.