justa littlebit ofsoullll

December 12, 2010

ahhhh simpler days, you were so simple, even though everything is always complicated.


sir greendownnnnnn

December 10, 2010

the night is filled with promises though here i sit dying and rotting. no i am not rotting because i feel can feel the vigor that is coursing like vitality reality. haha no. but really though there is something in my mind  is so hypher cypher wanting to expulse but there is no one, but when there is someone then i am saying no and turning back in into the bed that is my home. this place is cold and it’s funny how much i really hate winter. do we remember how we loved winter and they said, you are going to hate winter? they were right. talking to strangers all strangers everywhere just walking talking wishing but then it’s like if i actually hung out with them then i would be bored and stressed.

where to go and what to do? i know there are things pending. books mostly and studying for things. when will i have what i want?

what i mostly want is heat though.

i cant have what i mostly want, which is heat.


there are things here that cannot be said. i want that thing that i saw them do. there is no one though. and i still have long hair. there are limits. im at the limit and there is no going further. thank you god for hulu.