the necessity of science fiction!

January 24, 2010

good morning america. i am. very tired. and headachy. and not fully awake. even though it is 2:07pm. first order of the day–visit bathroom and make awkward joke with cool people on the floor as i pass them. second order of the day–slashdot. second and a half, post everything on slashdot onto this thing!!! sort of. in other news, i had weird dreams. again. at least they were not terrible dreams.

this article argues for the necessity of science fiction. bejai, i feel you may have a particular affinity for this piece.

and below, a photo of the stunning jiulong waterfalls in china. jeepers! these dihydrogen monoxides b unruly! to my surprise, there is no wikipedia entry on these. but im too tired to create one.