November 2, 2010

its weird how mustard is so good and youre eating it and youre like mmmm bitter sour mustard mmm spicy but then youre like what is this even? what is mustard even? its like the guts of small perfectly round seeds. youre like, wait, i like mustard, but what the hell is mustard?!


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May 29, 2010

oh thank god

also i have become deeply religious

not at all, but sort of

and this is just so crazy and me & one of my brotherz have it.

gringly eep

May 9, 2010

everytime i sneeze a ball of mucus flies out of my mouth and splatters onto nearby objects, usually my computer monitor or lamp and it is disgusting.


May 8, 2010

yea i know! don’t worry i know!

can i test your persona?



you’re walking down the street and this dog walks by you…and you walk by the dog…what happened?

i mean i look at it and it’s a huge friendly…and like i put my hand out.

you walk?

the dog is very nice and you pet it and then it licks you on the face. what do you do?

i stick out my tongue and play tonsil hockey with it.

tonsil hockey. thats fucking hot dude. you got a good persona.

_____ i wanna see.

i’m not gonna come get you, fuck that!

probably, i’ve checked with some people, and i’m pretty lame.

yeah well you can’t go!

i’m going to do everything in my power to sit on my ass and not do anything.

fuck your ass!

where you are, where you’ve been, where you’re from.

i’m from michigan.

yeahhh you’re from ohio we’re like best buddies

did you just say you went to google

hahahahaha! chucklez

25,000? that’s unreal.

it’s huge!


ok. well you’re on the air. you’re on the air. tell people what you wanna say.

this real….that’s not a slant…and they can have…a pull of falls.

a pull of falls?

they all have jobs that provide us with health insure…food…medical…and…even…yoda, and tai chi.

oh they have a pool of balls.

yeah you know they have a pool of balls? they have that.

google has that?

no! i gotta go to boston, to get this one server, and get that llama.

that’s crazy man

i don’t even know where i’ll be!

haha,  yes you do! you do know where you’ll be!

youre going to europe? when are you going to europe?

june 4th. to travel a little bit.


April 29, 2010

did not know that this is what doldrums was! awesome.


April 29, 2010

i am so excited for this!!!

in other news:

1) no work ethic, &

2) channeling bejai’s illness o doom


April 22, 2010

u kno how i have a blog? well im not the only onnnnnneeeeee. libz has one too. ikr so weird.

um and this is still the most important thing ever.