yes i am

December 6, 2010

yes, is this. we have this in common. i too am glad that i am happy. i am not afraid. i proceed without fear. i am doing what needs to be done. day after day i live and breathe. this is a universe i inhabit. it is so interesting to want to disagree, and then realize that we are in agreement. it is climactic in a different way that is not like surfing a huge wave. it is a different brand of adrenaline.

we have in common the admiration that i can be well and that i am loved. i could fight with you and say that no, i am not happy, that no, i need more. but i do not need more. i have everything. my future selves, i am saying to you that i remember feeling simple tonight. i can wear simple clothes and admire wearing hoodies while wearing gloves. and sneakers. and comfort that is so stylish and so functional. i like to be a ninja and to plan my ambition. i like to have surges where i am in the tunnel. but i don’t need you to watch me or to think of me. i feel simple and i am not planning ninjas right now. i am just remembering this great weekend i just had, and how i do not need to have friends and do not need to try so hard to feel young.

i am young. i am well. thank you for showing me. it is not what you meant because even you would not say this just to be generous. but in this way you have shown me what i have. and i cannot protest. because you are right, and this much we have in common.


July 19, 2010


July 18, 2010

sleep like a log

sleep like a knee
sleep like a traveling band of sleeping mice

my bed is my favorite ocean

July 17, 2010

it’s blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


July 12, 2010











you know

July 6, 2010

i have a lot of love in my life. a lot. i have bj, and bj is a LOT to have. a LOT to lose. i have my heartfolkx they are close to my heart they call from homeland. i have these people, these demi-gods who love me so, so much.

i am able to able with them. thank you god for them. thank you for sarah. thank you for alene. thank you for ashley. thank you for everyone.

zzzzzzzzzzrippp zip

June 28, 2010