of rich people and condos: funversation with open-source boyfriend bejai

February 25, 2010

omg if i get this job i will be in connecticut! there will be so many cupids there! and they will all be rich! they will all buy rich condoms!

you mean rich condos?

hahahaha, usually the joke runs the other way.

**high five**

not even though. cuz no one makes that joke. it’s supposed to be condiments, not condos.

you know what they say about rich people? when regular people don’t wanna get pregnant, they buy a condom and put it on their penis when they have sex. but when rich people dont wanna get pregnant they buy a condo for their penis, and then their penis goes and hangs out in the condo while the rich people have sex.

but they also wear condoms too right?

no no no. that was the joke. regular people wear condoms. rich people wear condos. on their penises.

that would hurt.