oh shit

December 17, 2010

this thing makes me feel like i’m living my life all wrong.


justa littlebit ofsoullll

December 12, 2010

ahhhh simpler days, you were so simple, even though everything is always complicated.


May 15, 2010

it is not reasonable that march 2009 was MORE THAN a year ago.

soon i will die.

this cat is such a great cat

May 11, 2010

i hope he was not hurt to make this.

also, i found this. it is good at the end. i haven’t watched the vid. how weird rite?! so weird. i should do this more often. search for calcedony and the like. for groibly and ovicaund. i just discovered ovicaund to-day and what a great one it is! so i should search for these things i invent or shape or just see, you know?

i miss doing finalz with friendz & bejai. i miss this. i miss that panda that bejai wouldn’t let me rescue. he the him.

this one and that one are from then.

star unstarr’d

May 10, 2010

such is life

despite heaving heavy sigh, we are still seeking. we pretend to find in accidents but truth of the matter be that there is all design, unsame as puppeteering. it is as though we are partaking in a painting you know? this is a beautiful eerie thing. the design is. so we are seeking still to streak it right, to make white where white


it is fine to star and unstar. because

1) who the fuck gives a shit

b) there are bigger things in the now

3) minimalist saves with calmness & being

cv9.) ]]]]]]]] because, because we will find our orpheus yet! we will. i swear to you that i will give you this. i swear i will bring orpheus to hydra. some dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy the finding of one who speaks our mouth blood bringer of saliva and for eternities we will speak and perhaps, perhaps the time of Red is not yet done, eclips’d as he may be. perhaps eclipse brings us closer. this is design. this is what is known as painting. fyi.

in other news, heligoland is weirdly good! thank you thank you jp for telling me of it!

see? already! other things. small things pointing to big things bigger. only piece of journey. we are not There yet!

this is getting to be insane but new friend says awsum things that give hope so i must continue INSANELY BLOGGING while depriving self of dinner bc we made a promise to ourselves that we will not eat dinner until 57K barrier is broken and we are only at 56,627 which is really close and i would finish in like 2 mins if i just stopped blogging but this is worth posting!

April 21, 2010

not that any of them are not worth posting! godddd who do you think that i am?!?!? i erase, cut out things not worth posting. brain is doing jumping. brain is saying “YOU SUCK YOU ARE SMALL, WORTHLESS, NOBODY LOVES YOU ESPECIALLY NOT NEW ONE WHO IS LIRAIAN” but like brain chill out man. do ur work man. we have 2 books to write in 3 weeks so just power down and hunker, ok??? power down to where u can do this shit. yea.

and now for the purpose of this unavoidable hankerin in first place:

People in the west give much more words. New England is the only place I’ve been like this. It’s the only place where people have aversions to strangers so strong, weird desire to never talk on phone. I’ve met many people who talk as much as me or more. My mum makes it so I can barely get a word in edgewise. I never run out of things to talk about. I frequently talk to people for hours on the phone. 10 hour phone call a few days ago.


April 12, 2010

ohhhhhhhhh i wanna build a computer so baadddddd…

If IBM had adopted Unix for its Personal Computer and supported open source so *nix desktops were the now the norm, how hard would it be to convince the population to switch to Microsoft Windows? In Ubuntu on a Dime — The Path to Low-Cost Computing, James Kelly shows how easy it is to build a computer and install a complete software suite for US$200 excluding monitor, keyboard, and mouse. You can’t even buy the operating system and anti-malware protection for Microsoft Windows for that, let alone have any money left over for hardware and productivity software! Then when you install the software, you have the paradigm of having to restart the computer to complete software installation and you have to learn how to practice safe computing while budgeting for annual anti-malware software license renewals!”