April 30, 2011

i am 23 and i need to, like, leave some legit contribution to the world because rapidly i will sag then die but before that, what? there’s got to be something cool about me other than my looks and hair and teeth. lol.

to-day going to the dentist was fun.

i am having fantasies of reviving my online selvez and that’s just like a disastrous notion that i need to get out of my realwerld heads. hydrahydraaaaaaa breathe, awaken, l!ve — !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hrmin Galon

May 21, 2010

hummin alonG

the thing about bigness is largeness is big. this is the thing that washes. bejai is partner and he will continue and we inspire each other megatron. teutonic or viking duodenom–duodynamic duohydronic. it is funny the things that have been accomplished, without him i am nothing. he said to me that i am like his water that he needs and sometimes deliciously enjoys and at other times cannot see how essential but this is what i am to him, his water, his water. he sleeps now in hotness darkness with honeybar warm fur of babiez, nuzzlin with my thigh, and here i am on webternet just perennially hooked, you know, and i love to be this thing that has eyeballs glomm’d onto screen, i love that this is who i am. it keeps balls of eyes narrowed though, upon somethin box’d, meanwhile i am meant for big things, this i know.

the thing about bigness is of course it whelms over splashin sloshin whooshily insane. of course it does this! this is why we cry n break down in advance so that come commencement this does not happen, steely gaze and next day we b dragged to dorifla, then dragged back, then creepin round home hopin ‘rentals dont catch me livin in some other’s heiss, some boy’s heiss. oh goodness, travesty or travails to be sure. we are tired now.

but we know now, we know how to end the novel, and we know that bigness is for us, it is our doin, and we must glom off webternet, as soothe as it brings we must slowly wean off teat of tangl’d wires it bring. yea we can do this.

back round june 1. pray4me.

not time for victory lap yet butttt

May 5, 2010

YESSSSS. we are on page 14 of 15-20 pager. soon we will drink gallons of champagne, define our data, analyze our own regressions, splatter on some policy recommendations, get bj to edit that shit, email it to prof, then we are done with 2/4 classes. OMGA. this leaves opus and haiti. and novel-continuation on own initiative. we can do this we can do this we are so close!

AND we are only on one solitary cup of black coffee from like. hours ago. from like. 9am. and it is now almost 4pm. which brings so much booya and self-reliance feelings of pride it is not even funny.

careening twdz

March 10, 2010

CAREENING TWDZ the madness. tomorrow is KEYS son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOMORROW IS




with the bejaiboat




March 9, 2010

“Your episodic approach is so wholly original I feel tempted to create an entire language in order to respond to it. This is, tenfold, a compliment; just as in your previous class with me, your artistic vision is fresh, free, unhindered, unabridged. How to describe the diction and syntax of your language? Well, I guess it’s a cross between Gertrude Stein and Yoda.”

biscuitface says

March 8, 2010

your novel is like a literary veggietales.

a letter to hydra

March 7, 2010

how many times must you prove youre an angel
how many demons do you have to strangle
how much longer must you remain in this dream before i finally figure out if youre insane or a genius