mmmm phil give me sugar

February 9, 2010

dellyphilia is specialer

why is that
perhaps your just not trying

nooo i think phil is my lover i love philly. he is special. i have to go to thereeee

a city is your lover huh

mmmm yes

how anthropomorphisized are we talking?

hahaha none whatsoever
the air envelops me in boyfriend hugs but this is all

oh this conversation is great many pieces will be on the blogg tonight

lol so you have a blog

why do you wanna READ IT?!?!?! and TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS?!?!?!?!


good morning philadelphia

February 9, 2010

goooood morrrrninggg philadelphiaaaa.

instead of the studying i am conducting nefarious blogging business 2 hours before interview. mmm delicious. the tkad has me roiled, in a great good way. churning churning. bedly imaginings. mmm tkad. you do not read this and yet i know you know.

philadelphia i love you i will be sorry to see you go. you are dellyphilia and i want to live in you.