mmmm coffee

February 23, 2010

blossom swoon
deadly open
blossoming blossom


blossom swoon
swooning flower
coffee blow
blow harder

seeping through
water juice
whelming over

suergo dosom
this is the


oh glory

February 23, 2010

iced chai you sink into me like hooks like warm gentle hooks
what is this cream? it cannot be–
i am the vegan so this is not

this is soy milk
what did they put in this
ode to this magnificence
you lift the heavy load

iced chai your bones are flesh
your fleshy bones are scraping my bones
ew thats kind of gross

iced chai you ruin me
the flood it floods inside of me
swelling in my veins!

caffeine fiend
ive been caffein’d
like ashton kutcher punk’d
like cafFiend feind
fiended in my head

oh glory.