January 9, 2010

well well well. who else turns out to stoke the “anti-gay” fire in uganda but a bunch of homophobic americans themselves…

During the Bush administration, American officials praised Uganda’s family-values policies and steered millions of dollars into abstinence programs.

Uganda has also become a magnet for American evangelical groups. Some of the best known Christian personalities have recently passed through here, often bringing with them anti-homosexuality messages, including the Rev. Rick Warren, who visited in 2008 and has compared homosexuality to pedophilia. (Mr. Warren recently condemned the anti-homosexuality bill, seeking to correct what he called “lies and errors and false reports” that he played a role in it.)

it turns out that black people arent uniquely predisposed to homophobia after all! (the sarcastic words of a friend) it is alarming to me that this issue has escalated to a wholesale condemnation of uganda, the entire nation, and all ugandans. jesus fucking christ. a fucked up law does not make it okay to imply that uganda is shameful, that ugandas, by extension, are shameful, amoral, barbaric. if thats how we judged people, absolutely no one would be exempt from that judgment! not to mention that such historically popular propaganda is so overtly racist. and yet, ugandans must now apologize for this “shame” that turns out to be the responsibility of three dimwit americans. people will not bat an eyelid before jumping to conclusions about uganda, or even africa. here’s a hint: how not to write about africa.

shame on uganda? no. that’s not where the shame belongs.