January 5, 2010

good grades are amazing. i got good grades. 3 As and 1 A minus.

i cant believe i got an A minus in econometrics!!!!!! that is, truly, insane in the membrane. she is so so nice to give me such a good grade in econometrics. thank the lord and thank boro bondhu and thank princessgreensocks!!!

and thank bejai for staying up with me till 5am after insane driving back and forth 3ish hours total tofrom boston. bejai you rule this school and the school is my life.

in other news this morning there were two fire alarms. as a result of SHEER EXHAUSTION i slept through my first class. very easy going pass/fail 1 credit class. BUT STILL. jesus. i hope i can get my act together. it is already january FIVE!!! i best use these 3ish weeks to collect my gear and begin to make my life 100% awesome.