May 13, 2010

omfg. high praise much?!?!?!??!?!?! bff is amazing at lyfe–

Hi —

— and I have met to evaluate your senior thesis, and we agreed it should receive a grade of A-.  Both of us commented that we might have learned more from your thesis than any others we read this year; it tells a story of community and isolation on Vassar campus that isn’t part of the official college history, but which urgently needs to be told.  As well, we were impressed with how much your thesis drew on empirical material: the historical archives, the literature from the cooperative movement, and the interviews with Ferry House residents.  By using these sources to engage classic sociological questions about alienation and anomie, you’ve produced a model of what senior theses in the Sociology Department should strive for.

There’s some astute analysis here.  You offered a simple but effective explanation for examining Vassar as a case study, although occasionally some perspective about Vassar’s singularity was in order.  Pg. 41: is it really an “otherwise dismally isolated campus”?  What about larger institutions, commuter schools, etc.?  Additionally, you pondered the questions about architectural/environmental versus social explanations for community effectively.  Your argument in the section on “Pre-selection Vs. Ferry Experience” was persuasive, and you correctly punted on the question of architectural factors in community (although these still are worth considering, especially considering Ferry House’s unique design).

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May 11, 2010

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