November 27, 2010

listen the hydra speak what want. what do you want swaying in a sitting tree? listen the you speak don’t talk. understand that you are, that who you are. that which they have shown you is love, love is. the numbers hide the people don’t listen but you are here in cold shimmer dust, the bed, the hide, the flight. your vegetable tells you the moon is rising. you can go anywhere to be anything and yet you chose this. you choose this from happiness. you find peace the hydra. not draco with yellow eyes. the teacher had yellow eyes. i never realized this was reptilian feature.

do not hurt the lotus-only hurt yourself a little, a visceral, so you can recover. nonetheless, winter is never needed for summer. i always know how precious is heat and i always love precious, love love.



i love kaleidoscope














you are stunning to me

October 24, 2010


family meeting

October 14, 2010

the family meets.

“guys, i have called this official meeting…officially. during this meeting, we must discuss the issues on our agenda. so let’s start with issue number one. how are we going to resolve this?”

“i think that we need to consider all our options.”

“i disagree. i think that the best way to resolve the issue is to only spend time on the most likely solutions.”

“you are right.”

i did so i am

October 13, 2010

i want to feed on toes

until there’s nothing left

but appetite

; )