orange bit

May 10, 2010

orange bit of chalk inhaled and smaller bit broken off inhaled

harkness is boldness


we have BIG things to do that are BRIGHTER than this

to-morrow is may 11 which is a deadline for many things–it is said that it is the deadline for all things. an email to which there is no reply. DO I HAVE AN EXTENSION OR NOT?!?! senior week supposedly starting? fuck that shit. i have WORK to do. it is IMPORTANT work. in the ground back the wubi installs ubuntu 10.04. it is apparently unstable to share with windows via wubi, and live cd will become necessary. though toby is good. toby is very very good. i will have toby for many years always tobias, he is the best, i cant believe i thought id ever want another computer, who needs that when i have toby, me and toby are fucking soulmates.

the orange chalk gives breathery where was necessary. this novel comes now and place of no texture in night of last emerges swimming–and now, NOW, i have things to say. things orange are 17 in number and i have less than 17 days. how shall we do this? an image of swallowing them all at once, but lira stays the hand she does! lira is good inside of me now and she is being good to me.

if harkness is boldness and kindness is goodness then we are full grown!

we are fully grown to realize this, no?

cavortings past with boy of M. who is goat. goat talks. he reads. he bubbles with many and i am silent for loss of voice. what strange powerlessness to lose the voice? eating of soup now. eating this now with shells inside and guilt that they are oysters. they are not oysters but called oysters and to eat oyster shells probably reinforces the eating of oysters global-wide and this means that SO MUCH IS LOST! in eating animals, SO MUCH IS LOST.

please, i beg you, stop eating animals.

i would rather die!

mistakes are made but please think of stopping, or reducing, or calming, or staying, you can win this! VEGETABLEZ R DELICIOUS I PROMISE.

there was a boy bejai with whom i was in love and now we are in love still but of sort totally different and there is not smooching but nuzzlin and loving in voices. i have not seen him in TWELVE YEARS it seems though closer to 12 days. how will i live without him? he is my mother! when i say that i want mommy it is him that i want for mommy is adorable but mother of mine is actually child of mine, whose phone charger she leaves here in like. fucking february. and it is may and she does not have it still. mother i want to mail it to you but then father will open it! biofather that is, not father#1 nor father#2. trizd does not read this so he is no longer in touch for knowing which father is what and who is who. trizd has never answered his phone but once, and only to give directions or holler. we danced in the bar swaying falling. i have not been crunk as so since. missing tequilaness now! missing of the this but last night i tried to drink and body does not want and what is important is to–Listen.

orange chalk is giving goodness brightness lightness.


bejai thinks that i am right in the fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he thinks that just because i do not want to know grimy details of his other love lives does not make me a wuss who cant handle non-exclusivity. ALSO HE IS GETTING PUBLISHED. we are big. we are huge. lirbja have been working on Important Work for so many years, we have been waiting to jump off trains to make good things, good pieces, goodnesses. we have been trying to VEGANIZE and PROSELYTIZE and FEMINIZE and so much, such else, much big hugeness. and now it comes, bridge of success, and we are climbing and i hope that we make it.

universe, god, i hope that we make it up there because the world needs us to do this and we can do this and we can write books and give feelings.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh too many emails sent. toooooo many emails sent. i send emails to people who wont write back. it is fine. i am stupid to ever think that anyone can give as much as i give and this is why i withhold details–because if you cant match incineration for lavacore then you dont deserve it. that is such a cruel lie. it is not a matter of deserving (of course it is) but hierarchically speaking, it is a matter of relevance. what does it matter where i was born or what is the name of my name, hm? it is not relevant to you! im bothered by clutter, by marmot tangle that the head becomes in times of stress like now. i showered for like an hour and i am bleeding and there are troubles on that front but then i took a chalk and said to myself, “WE DO NOT HAVE TIME TO FEEL SICK” and this is true,

if there is anything that is true, it is this.

but we will not end on looming. no desire for dark shadow of gloom or words like “disappointment”. those are ejected from tongue. tongue does not speak of despair. we are shining bright to-day for we must even as the wind gusts outside knocking trees into trees.



April 11, 2010

1) pancake cake: you make vegan pancakes, and glue them to each other with various layers of vegan frosting/jellies. vegan frosting can be made by combining confectioner’s sugar with food coloring with vanilla essence with whatever else (ex: almond extract, froot loops, etc). serve, then eat.

2) fries salad: take french fries and mix them with hummus and grape tomatoes, douse the whole mess with italian dressing. serve, then eat.

3) kwaku breakfast: tater tots + fresh pineapple chunks + maple syrup. mixed. serve, then eat.



March 31, 2010

moby why do you rock so hard

KT: The Center For Consumer Freedom, an agribiz-funded astroturf operation, recently published an op-ed stating that “It’s easy for celebrities to passionately condemn farming by large agricultural firms. They don’t have to worry about a grocery bill.” Your reaction?

M: It’s almost comical, actually, as factory farming and meat production are so heavily subsidized. If you removed all subsidies from animal production the cost of a pound of beef would be around $25. A vegan diet is inherently less expensive than a diet based on animal protein. Let’s remove the subsidies that go to factory farms and big agribusiness and let their products be sold at true market cost. How many people would be rushing to McDonald’s if a hamburger cost $18? And that’s roughly what a McDonald’s hamburger would cost if all federal and state subsidies were removed from animal production.

ogod why

March 4, 2010

i am so wired too wired. ONLY ON TINY BITLETS OF COFFEE and still the this.

i am writing hurtling 5,000 per day which is 5% which means in 20 days i will be 20X5% = 100% done with novel of 100,000 words of which i already have 20,000(ish remember) and this means it will be 120,000 words which is the average.

how the hell does nanowrimo get off saying 50,000 can even be a novella forget novel?!?!?! recent estimate had to be revised because of stupid nanowrimo telling me 50,000 is novella suggesting 60,000 could be novel maybe 75,000 if ambitious but instead it turns out novels are actually 120,000…

bested. beasted. this is fine. disappointment is word that cannot enter vocabulary. should be abolished from parlance, fascist-style. not allowing humans to say might mean not allowing humans to feel this the loathsome feeling. disappointment = the suckiest thing i have ever heard of in my life. the concept itself is filled with poison serpent cheese holes.

speaking of cheese (natural path from reckless writering and withering in turn hurtle hurtle i want rest so bad but even sleep does not bring this), i freegan’d vegetarian cookies of milk-having chocolate chips last night. look smell all good attractive appealing the gullet appeared to want them. but upon eating finding them so. so gross.

shudder in revulsion.

keep the cowrapingz away from the lira…

time for paint file insertion brings uncomfortable observation that NONE of the paint files feel like rest. i want one that feels like rest. i paint black square. inserting. completion of mission. end.

meat b goin dowwwwnnn. i hope.

February 27, 2010

the year in meat 2009

More Signs of Progress

On a number of fronts, animal exploiters of all types lost ground in 2009, and Canada’s seal industry has likely at long last met its doom. After the European Union voted to cut off seal fur imports, a Toronto Star columnist wrote that the move signified, “…the final nail in this industry’s proverbial coffin.”

January 26, 2010

Shrimp’s Dirty Secrets: Why America’s Favorite Seafood Is a Health and Environmental Nightmare

Additionally, some shrimp are wild-caught, and while they aren’t raised in a chemical cocktail, the vast majority is caught using trawling, a highly destructive fishing method. Football field-sized nets are dragged along the ocean floor, scooping up and killing several pounds of marine life for every pound of shrimp they catch and demolishing the ocean floor ecosystem as they go. Where they don’t clear-cut coral reefs or other rich ocean floor habitats, they drag their nets through the mud, leaving plumes of sediment so large they are visible from outer space.

conscientious carnivorism and the shameless carnivore…egads

January 16, 2010

is vegetarianism dead because of conscientious carnivorism?

ewwwwww this is so gross and immoral and horrible. tried to look for a picture of meat on wikimedia commons to jazz up this post but was too disgusted/horrified