run away from your problems

December 10, 2009

and it will be like they never existed!

no but that’s totally a lie. i still have 50 pages of writing to do, and it doesnt matter that i ran away to wes and have camped out what it looks like permanently on bejai’s bed. he wakes up and goes around and does things and i live in his bed. it’s a lot of fun. i like to be near him. he is funny and does funny things. it’s weird how reserved he is around other people.

MEANWHILE everyone at moho is inundating me with 12 emails per second. why dont they send me these emails when i am there, so that i feel wanted? why do they send them when i am here, so that i feel stressed?

run away wednesday…

i really like this blog. i used to feel self-indulgent about having a blog. now it feels like necessary expression. i AM important. i am important to myself and to other people who want to know me. it would be a lie to say that what i think and feel dont matter. they matter so much. they matter so much to me.