careening twdz

March 10, 2010

CAREENING TWDZ the madness. tomorrow is KEYS son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOMORROW IS




with the bejaiboat




oh my god march

March 1, 2010

i can only hopeeee. actually no. we do not want warm sunshine and pre-pubescent girls roiling upon daisie’d grasses. we want the urgencies so that novel she can write. hydra, to-day you make the novel gold. you DO THIS. without imbibing jose. you do this without the help of jose.

good morning south of the north

February 10, 2010

we have had quite the gloomy snowstorm this morning. the buildings are devastated and the children have all died!

in other news, the grass is still green and the weather forecast knows not an ounce of any weather…

morning is dreary. night was peaceful. face is looking nice today. squid is coming later. i have done no hw. what will transpire? i sit on my bed doing my days of sitting. this semester is a sitting kind of semester. this is so much like high school. why does the love happen now? why does the love stop gushing when i am building it a dam? is my dam the gusher-stopper? i do not know. what kinds of goodbyes should i say to the boys. i dont like the goodbyes so i just walk off but does this offend.

people are so quick to be offended in their brainnnsss but for all the wrong things. no one bats an eyelash at bloody carcasses of mammals and other sentients. no one gasps when asses get pinched. but when you walk off without a goodbye everybody has to cry. these priorities are up all in a tangle. this is nothing if not heeblie jeeblie. i wish to write. i wish to write write write and computer science can go to hell. i do and do not understand the trace function. would it be easier to just not understand it? should i drop this class?

questions abound!

goodness. grief. sorrow. WILD! glass birds are flapping overhead. at least this much is true. here they are, flapping over the heidi. at least now i am alive.


December 20, 2009

it is snowing. really really hard. the air is ghostly. i feel bad for these people. pictures will be later posted. for now, i am on page 6 out of 15 to 20. all in all, not so bad. bejai is on page 1 out of 12. he is struggling more than i am. it is because he is young. poor little young thing, i love you so much.

well well well something new and original…

December 9, 2009

today it snowed and it was so beautiful. so so beautiful. and i was alone. and i was lonely too. usually when i am alone, i am not lonely. and i am usually alone.

what is it about spectacular things that make me feel this way? why is it inadequate for my brain to experience it, what makes me look for another brain to share it with? and when i do share it, so rarely is it enough. it is never ever enough what they say about it. when it is the moon or stars or meteors they will say something and it will be not enough ever because how can you just stop at saying something, how can you keep yourself from breaking down and crying?

do i feel things more or express it better?

these are things humans never get to find out.

something funny

December 5, 2009

the phrase “fecal matter” really, really cracks me up. really. really. a lot. so funny. fecal matter.

all in all, today it is snowing. i walked in the snow. it is sticking a little bit. bejai is here but he wanted to go to the library but i wanted to stay here so i am here working on thesis feces (thesis shit. fecal matter. lordy lord) and listening to the songz that munzi has sent to me in her gmail of sad confusion and optimism. and bejai is sitting in my christmas carrel doing something and he wanted to explain to me what it was but i told him not to tell me. too many burdens will crush my bones and they are brittle as it is, what with the sources of calcium & vitamin d all being so disgusting in taste as they are.

oh munzi life b so hard yes indeed.